Family Life Balance


People often talk about the importance of work/life balance, but we can get so wrapped up in motherhood that we don't realize we need family/life balance too. Being a mother is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging careers out there. After the initial star-struck, sleep-deprived months passed, I realized I needed more than just changing diapers and cleaning laundry. Yet, I never could give myself permission to do anything more than that. I had a million excuses to stay put. I felt like I was being selfish if I wanted some "me" time.

It wasn't until I read Renee Trudeau's book,The Mother's Guide to Self Renewal, that I realized it's not selfish, but necessary for that "me" time. I realized I wasn't able to be the best mom, wife and friend I could be if I wasn't taking care of myself first.

The Personal Renewal Groups (PRG's) have been developed to support women in their quest for self-care and self-renewal. They are about finding the real "you" that was lost in the midst of diapers, laundry, play-doh and building blocks. It's also more than that. It's about taking care of yourself first; finding a sense of peace and balance in this sometimes crazy and unstable world.